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BJAI Volunteer's Leinster House Visit

Bihar Jharkhand Association of Ireland (BJAI) Explores Irish History at Leinster House!

On October 03, 2023, a delegation of 12 BJAI Volunteering members from the Bihar Jharkhand Association of Ireland (BJAI) had the privilege of visiting the historic Leinster House in Dublin. Led by BJAI President Dr. Deepak Kumar, the group was welcomed by TD James Lawless TD and Vincent P Martin for an informative and enlightening experience.

During their visit, the BJAI Volunteering members were treated to a comprehensive tour of Leinster House, gaining valuable insights into the rich tapestry of Irish history. This rare opportunity allowed them to explore the hallowed halls where crucial decisions have shaped Ireland's destiny over the years.

Dr. Deepak Kumar, President of BJAI, expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and educational tour, stating, "Our visit to Leinster House was an enriching experience that deepened our understanding of Ireland's vibrant history and democratic processes. We are immensely thankful to TD James Lawless, Vincent Martin, and everyone involved for their hospitality." BJAI members raised issues of no direct flights to India and visa problems for elderly parents of Indian Irish citizens.

The delegation was also supported by BJAI Secretary Mr. Rakesh Shekhar and Treasurer Mr. Abhishek Thakur, whose presence added to the significance of this cultural exchange.

Bihar Jharkhand Association of Ireland (BJAI) extends its appreciation to all those who made this visit possible and looks forward to further strengthening the bonds of friendship and understanding between the Indian and Irish communities in Ireland.

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