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BJAI Vision & Mission Statement

The primary mission of BJAI is to carry out, promote and coordinate philanthropic, educational and voluntary activities serving physically and economically disadvantaged people in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, and to integrate Indian people across Ireland, who have origins in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, through strong community organization, celebration of cultural festivals and promotion of Indian culture among younger generations in our communities.

Many members of the team have been involved with BJAI for the last several years while BJAI has grown tremendously, both in charitable causes and cultural events. The vision of the proposed BJAI team is to build on the past achievements of BJAI teams to further solidify both charitable and cultural visions of the organisation so that BJAI can flourish for many more decades to come. Some of the key goals that we plan to achieve during the next two years are:

● Continuing to provide the Platform where BJAI Kids and Adults can volunteer in Bihar/Jharkhand and IRELAND.

● Developing BJAI platform for social interaction among the newer Generation.

● Networking Platform for Business Owners and Professionals.

● Engaging with Global Bihar and Jharkhand Communities.

● Increasing the membership/attendance in charitable/cultural events.

● Organising Global BJAI Events.

● Providing mentorship to Students in Bihar and Jharkhand and IRELAND.

● Continuing healthcare Help in Bihar and Jharkhand.

● Helping the community in the IRELAND.

● Providing Skill based help in India.

● Engaging the next generation of BJAI kids into BJAI cultural activities and charities.


Our vision of developing/continuing expansion and visibility of BJAI globally through new activities, while continuing current activities.

Vision of the Proposed Team

Community Involvement

BJAI has been one of the leading organisations integrating people from Bihar and Jharkhand origin in Ireland into a vibrant, dynamic and rich community. Our vision on community involvement will focus on furthering this community involvement through outreach of BJAI kids for engaging in cultural and charitable activities, enhancing interactions among them with a goal of promoting matrimonial possibilities, developing community support programs such as summer camp, youth mentoring and development. For greater community involvement, we are also committed to increase the participation in BJAI activities and develop a plan for a grand get-together of individual Bihar and Jharkhand association in Ireland. We will continue to enrich our relationship and visibility with the Consulate General of India in Ireland.
● Providing long term Platform for youth to volunteer in charitable and cultural activities in Bihar/Jharkhand and IRELAND.
● Outreach and engagement of youth in the BJAI activities.
● Initiating a platform for BJAI youth to connect for social activities.
● Continuing Summer camp, mentoring program and youth development activities.
● Engaging the young adults into BJAI charities and cultural activities.
● Increasing the membership in BJAI charitable and cultural activities; Maintain and updated directory of all BJAI members.
● Develop a plan for Grand Get-together of all Individual Bihar Jharkhand Association in Ireland.
● Start a mentoring program for the next generation.

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