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Rakesh Kumar Shekhar


I grew up and lived in Jehanabad and Patna in Bihar. Currently resides in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland with wife Ragini Shekhar and children Sarvi (16) and Satvik (11). We relocated to Ireland in 2016. During the last 06+ years, worked at Amneal Pharmaceuticals in Cashel and currently working in Johnson & Johnson in Limerick.

I am secretary of BJAI and have been involved in all BJAI activities during the last 1 year, including hosting and coordinating various events like BJAI Inauguration, Holi Milan, Shree Satnarayan Bhagwan Group Pooja, Family Picnics, Planning for the proposed Shree Ganesh Pooja and Mahaparv Chhath Pooja in 2022, and numerous activities to strengthen our association and integration with local communities.

I had a vision for the formation of BJAI and implemented it up to existence. While being Secretary of BJAI, streamlined the start-ups and formation of the association, identifying the working team and members of our group who belongs to Bihar and Jharkhand originally.

While BJAI members have grown tremendously during the last 1 year after our several events celebrations. I am committed to developing and implementing a vision for BJAI so that it can continue to grow to a new height…..

Rakesh Kumar Shekhar
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